a fresh start?

Once upon a time, I registered this URL because I wanted to write and work through all the things I think about while running long miles alone in the hills. I never really got around to doing anything with it or actually doing what I thought I might do with it.

Today, I decided I should change that for a number of reasons. There isn’t much here to begin with, so there’s not a lot a of baggage to deal with. I did pay for wordpress.com so there wouldn’t be ads and I can have more storage space for all the photos I don’t intend to upload. Really, I just support this product and don’t want ads.

so what is this?

alone in the hills is just my journal to replace facebook and instagram and other social media that I’ve grown tired of using. It is really for myself, it will probably fill up with rambling thoughts, pictures from daily life, python code snippets, and links to things I want to recall later. Beyond that, I can’t say. I’m not a fortune teller.

kids should play more

This morning while waiting with my son before school, there were a couple of kids from his class bouncing a basketball. Nothing disruptive. There wasn’t anyone really around them, they were just standing in line dribbling the ball and maybe passing it back and forth, a few feet between them.

The outside monitor lady told them to stop.

Some people wonder why kids behave the way they do. Maybe it’s because adults are constantly telling kids to not do kid stuff.